Industrial price lists 1810-1944

The Ephemera Collection contains approximately 3 million printings. The materials, publications associated with the activities of various communities and organizations, consist primarily of guidebooks, instructions, membership lists, invitations, menus and telephone directories. Printed products related to communications, such as programs, exhibition catalogues, brochures, time schedules and calendars, have been placed in the Ephemera Collection.

Well-known Finnish industries from Arabia sets to Iittala glass, from Billnäs furniture to meat processing and Nokia rubber products are included in the ephemera collection. The price lists and product catalogues are mainly published in Finnish and Swedish but also in other languages. Also smaller enterprises have had printed matters. The digitised collection of industrial price lists consists of about 125 000 pages. You can look for information either by using the name of the enterprise or the publishing year of the printed matter. It is also possible to use a catalogue of price lists or free text search. The printing size is A4.

Industrial price lists

  • from 1810 to 1944: the exact publishing year cannot be found in about 40 percent of the material, the most part dates from 20th century

  • acquired to Helsinki University Library according to Free Deposit Law

  • producers of the material are the Finnish industrial, small and commercial enterprises which operated during the period

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